Just In: Trey Gowdy Gets PISSED on Live TV, Just Dropped a NUKE on Mueller’s Anti-Trump FBI Agent (VIDEO)

Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is famous for brilliant legal background and expertise. The Republican lawmaker once again showcased his way with words in his opening statement where he NUKED Mueller’s anti-Trump Russia-probe investigator, who was recently fired for sending nasty text messages about our America First President.

Gowdy slammed the biased agent over his botched and inept supervision over the Hillary email scandal.

Watch the video:

Following the exchange, Gowdy tweeted, “When all other institutions we trust — including Congress — appear to be broken, we want to be able to look to the FBI. I am counting on Director Wray to go back to work for the blindfolded woman holding a set of scales.”



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