TOM FITTON CONFIRMS IT: Judicial Watch Has Many Documents Proving Clintons Have Been ‘Looting and Abusing’ Haiti For Years (VIDEO)

As previously reported Wikileaks dropped a huge bomb that blew The Clintons’ ‘Haiti Scam’ WIDE OPEN and put the Clintons in a position that had no other choice but to give up and the truth to come out!

Prompted by President Trump’s alleged comments about Haiti being a “s***hole,” Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton took to YouTube this week to go over “document after document,” proving the Clintons have been “looting and abusing,” Haiti for years.

Fitton’s report underlines the country has been going through strife, in part, due to the Clinton Foundation’s role in rebuilding Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. 

Video Source: Judicial Watch

In the video above, Fitton references a Judicial Watch report from July 2013, revealing “Roughly half of the $1.14 billion that the U.S. government allocated to help Haiti recover from the 2010 earthquake,” went towards wasteful and outright failed projects. A whopping $170.3 million was blown on a disastrous port and power plant project that was “heavily promoted” by former President Bill Clinton and his wife, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“You can have 17 special prosecutors looking at the Clinton-Haiti angle,” concluded Fitton at the end of the four and a half minute video.

This explains how much crimes and stealing was committed by the Clinton family!!

What do you think about this? Will Clinton family pay someday for all the crimes they committed?!?

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