Liberal Snowflakes Confused and Angry, as Melania Trump Reveals her Secret Plan for Christmas at the White House

The First Lady Melania Trump has begun preparing for her first Christmas at the White House, starting with the most important, of course, the Christmas tree. President Trump said that he will put an end to Obama tradition in saying “Happy Holidays,” instead, he will be wishing “Merry Christmas” to Americans. Liberals freaking out after Melania revealed her wonderful secret plan for Christmas.

During decorating the Christmas tree the US First Lady changed twice, first wearing tight trousers, boots, and a jumper in a festive shade of red as the tree was delivered, then switching to a pale pink formal coat and matching dress with capped sleeves. According to the series of images posted on Twitter, she wore two different forms of outerwear inside.

Remeber how Obamas spending crazy amounts of taxpayers’ dollars for Christmas decorations, but with Trumps’ is completely different. Melania Trump brings regular middle-class mom from South Dakota who is volunteering to decorate and she has been decorating the Christmas trees at the South Dakota State Capitol. That is part of the secret plan who Melania is revealing.

Melania Trump said that actual theme will stay for now secret probably until Nov. 30 when wonderful lighting of Christmas tree happens.



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