Just In: Hannity Sends HUGE Warning on Live TV, New Evidence Are Coming – Will “Rock the Washington, D.C.” (VIDEO)

We can all agree that Sean Hannity is one of the rare who always stands for the truth and supports Donald Trump for Draining The Swamp!

A MOAB is coming!

Hannity warned his viewers that more evidence will emerge that’ll “rock the foundation” of Washington D.C

HANNITY: “Alright, so we’re going to go slow. What we have been reporting on night after night for over a year now is turning into a scandal bigger than Watergate and here’s why this is all so alarming. All the information we have been telling you about so far is only a sample of what’s to come. It’s the tip of the iceberg. Now these facts, this evidence, will rock the foundation of Washington, D.C. It will make you question how is it possible this could ever happen in the United States of America.”

In a Fox News op-ed Tuesday, media icon Sean Hannity expanded on his Monday night monologue, warning the Senate Judiciary Committee’s ‘second memo exposing Deep State corruption,’ should ‘scare,’ the American people.

Watch the video:

What do you think about this? Will justice be served?



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