Just before 2018 US Midterm Elections, CIA Director Pompeo Met Top Russian Spies

According to US ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman, CIA Director Mike Pompeo recently met with top Russian spies. This meeting happened when Pompeo’s Russian counterparts visited the U.S.

Just days before CIA Director Pompeo once again sent warning that Russia will try to attempt to meddle in the 2018 US midterm elections, this conversation between the top US and Russian intelligence officials happened. Trump administration released a sweeping list of prominent Russian political and business figures in defiance of Moscow, after Pompeo warning.

Russian media reported that Moscow’s sanctioned spy chief, Sergey Naryshkin, may have been one of the people Pompeo met with, CNN noted.

Both Russia and the U.S. confirmed that Pompeo met with his intelligence counterparts.

Russia’s U.S. ambassador, Anatoly Antonov, said Naryshkin traveled to the U.S. for the talks, according to CNN.

“I think this conversation was necessary and very useful. I am sure of it. And of course I’m not going to deceive you — Sergey Evgenyevich [Naryshkin] was here. He came. He held consultations with his colleagues,” Antonov said on the Russia 1 TV channel.
He added that “politics is politics, work is work.”
“There are political proclamations, there is real work,” he said.
“You probably remember that Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] called Donald Trump and thanked him for help, for the information that was received through the line with the CIA, and thanks to that [we] were able to prevent a horrible act of terrorism in St. Petersburg.”

In 2014, Naryshkin was sanctioned by the Obama administration. He was also among the names included on a Treasury Department list released earlier this week of Russian business and political figures.

The report comes after Pompeo said this week he has “every expectation” Russia will try to influence this year’s midterm elections in the U.S.
He said he hasn’t seen a decrease in Russian activity, and he still sees the Kremlin as a primary adversary.
It also comes after the Trump administration told Congress earlier this week that bipartisan legislation passed last year authorizing new sanctions on Russia is already “serving as a deterrent” and there’s no need to actually implement new penalties at this time.
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