GOP Republican Just EXPOSED What Will FISA Memo Show, Obama Officials, Hillary Clinton and DNC Directly Involved

The much-ballyhooed FISA memo is now in the hands of President Trump.

He has read the memo and he plans to release it to the public on Friday.

In a last-poor effort, the FBI is pulling out all the stops to either delay the release, delegitimize the memo or redact names from the document. 

It’s one thing for sure, Democrats are so desperate about the releasing of the FISA memo, they are starting to FREAK OUT!

On Thursday, GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) said after reading the FISA memo, it is clear the FBI will be shaken to the core, there will be justice!

Duncan also said the memo will reveal the FBI was weaponized by Obama officials, the DNC and Hillary Clinton to target political adversaries.

The FISA memo will be sent to the House Intel Committee Friday with redactions from the White House. The Committee will then release the memo on its timetable, reports CBS’s Major Garrett.

Fox News contributor Sara A. Carter reported Thursday FBI Director Christopher Wray, along with the Justice Department, are pressuring the White House to redact all names in the FISA abuse memo prior to its release.

But however, efforts to get the president to block its release appear to have failed for now.





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