Desperate Democrats in Full Panic Mode After Gowdy DESTROYS Them All Over FISA Memo

Democrats don’t believe in a government ruled by “we the people.”

They only care to ignore corruption and overreach of power!!

That’s why they fought so hard and did everything they can against the release of the FISA memo because it will reveal they’re true colors.

Trey Gowdy is very pissed and ripped Democrats to shreds, who are angry that the American people now have access to the TRUTH.

From Daily Caller

Congressman Trey Gowdy dismantled a talking point circulated on social media Friday by those seeking to downplay the implications of the just-released House Intelligence Committee memo.

Though the FISA memo — compiled by House Intel chair Devin Nunes — makes clear that the infamous Steele dossier was instrumental in securing FISA warrants on former Trump adviser Carter Page, the left quickly began pointing to the memo’s final section.

The memo’s conclusion fingers former Trump foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos as the impetus for the FBI’s monitoring of Trump’s campaign and the anti-Trump crowd argued this point washes out the rest of the memo’s implications.

Gowdy disagreed.

Despite backing the release of Nunes’ memo, Gowdy also stated he remains confident in the integrity of the FBI, Justice Department and special counsel Robert Mueller, an important delineation few on either side of the debate made on Friday.



Do you agree with Trey Gowdy?




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  1. Betty

    No, I think Mueller is heavily involved.

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