Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi Calls Sex Abuser John Conyers an ‘ICON’ Who Has ‘Protected Women’ (VIDEO)

Is it any wonder that the Democrat Party is in complete shambles?

They have bumbling fools like Nancy Pelosi going on live TV defending a sexual abuser John Conyers, calling him an “icon” and  a man who has “protected women.”

This man stands accused of harassment by multiple women, and documents show he used taxpayer money to pay off victims.

Pelosi told Chuck Todd on Meet the Press:

“John Conyers is an icon in our country. He has done a great deal to protect the Violence Against Women Act.”

Sex freak John Conyers — who roams his Capitol Hill office in his underwear— ain’t going nowhere.

** Rep. Conyers also paid off his accusers.

From Fox News

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that fellow Democrat and Michigan Rep. John Conyers is an American “icon,” but reserved judgment about recent sexual allegations against the congressman until the chamber’s Ethics Committee completes its review.

“John Conyers is an icon in our country,” Pelosi, D-Calif., told NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “He has done a great deal to protect women.”

The 88-year-old Conyers, the long-serving active House member, now faces at least two sexual misconduct allegations.

Leaders of the House Ethics Committee announced Tuesday that the panel had begun an investigation into Conyers, after receiving allegations of sexual harassment and age discrimination involving staff members and about the congressman using “official resources for impermissible personal purposes.”

The announcement followed the news website BuzzFeed reporting Monday that Conyers’ office paid a woman more than $27,000 under a confidentiality agreement to settle a complaint in 2015 that she was fired from his Washington staff because she rejected his sexual advances.

Conyers has so far denied the allegations and said he would fully cooperate in the probe, which was announced before another woman accused him of inappropriate behavior.

Pelosi, the top House Democrat, also declined to say whether Conyers, chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee, should resign.

“I believe he understands what’s at stake here,” she said. “He will do the right thing.”




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