Conspiracy Theories Just began, after posting Strange Tweet and Hannity’s Account Vanishes

The Twitter account belonging to Fox News host Sean Hannity vanished on Friday evening after an intense episode of his show focusing on corruption in the Department of Justice and the FBI — and a very strange tweet.

After an intense show focusing on corruption in the Department of Justice and the FBI, Fox News host Sean Hannity’s Twitter account was suddenly deactivated, on Friday evening after he posted this strange tweet:

The final tweet before his account disappeared read, “Form Submission 1649.”

Could this be the work of another disgruntled Twitter employee that did the same thing to President Trump in November?

Many people who attempted to access his feed were met with a blank account or an error message that read “Sorry, that page does not exist.”

There are some rumors and speculation online that Hannity was hacked by a rogue employee, but the theory was not confirmed.

We tried to reach out to someone from his team, but still can’t write about it. Update of this story will be when more information is available.

Below is a screen image of Hannity’s Twitter account accessed via mobile, that shows his account has been scrubbed. Accessing via computer brings up the blue screen with text: Sorry that page doesn’t exist.

Image of Hannity’s account after it was shut down but before it was scrubbed.


Very early Saturday several dubious accounts have been opened claiming to be Fox host Hannity. No official word from Hannity has been reported as of 3 a.m. CST.

Who is behind this act, what do you think? Scroll down to leave your comments below.



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