Brad Pitt Just Threatened To Give Creepy Weinstein Guy ‘Missouri Whoopin’ Over Gwyneth Paltrow

Do you hear in recent days at least one famous star to react over Harvey Weinstein? An exception is a famous actor Brad Pitt when heard of the Holywood Executives behavior towards women. He threatened to beat up Harvey Weinstein after his then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow told him that the movie mogul had sexually harassed her.


Paltrow is just one of many Hollywood actresses to come forward with allegations against Weinstein in a bombshell report by The New York Times. Like many, her encounter with Weinstein occurred in a hotel room where he eventually put his hands on her and suggested a massage–something that he’s allegedly done with multiple women.

Pitt was dating Paltrow at the time and didn’t hesitate to confront Weinstein at a Hollywood party, according to People magazine.

UNITED KINGDOM – OCTOBER 20: Gwyneth Paltrow With Harvey Weinstein, The 50th Anniversary Gala Of The National Film Theatre, At The National Film Theatre, London (Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images)

“Brad threatened Harvey,” a source told People. “He got right in his face, poked him in the chest and said, ‘You will not ever do this to Gwyneth ever again.’”

The source noted that Pitt was just a young actor at the time and took a big risk, but he “made it clear there would be consequences” if Weinstein went after his girl again, threatening him with a “Missouri whooping.”

“He made it absolutely clear this was not going to happen again and it didn’t,” the source added. “He was a young guy in Hollywood taking a chance.”

While Weinstein’s behavior was something of an open secret around Hollywood, Pitt wasn’t afraid to confront the situation unlike many of his fellow actors.

“He’s one of the only men in Hollywood who stood up and said something,” the source said. “That’s a fact.”


H/T: Daily Caller



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